Form Description
ACTRA promotional event request for funds request funds for a promotional event- clinic, etc
Request for Funds Form for requesting re-imbursement or the issue of funds from the Treasurer.
Condtioning Score Sheet (IDR & CTR) New Form as of May 2015
ACTRA Event Volunteer Recognition Award Program Form for Volunteers to complete to get recognition from volunteering at ACTRA Events
Sanction request Request to Sanction your ride with ACTRA
Timer worksheet Worksheeet for timer
P & R Worksheet Pulse & Respiration worksheet
Trail Horse Master Scoresheet Scoresheet used to report trail horse scoring to ACTRA
Trailhorse Scorecard Scorecard used for trailhorse on JP, CTR & IDR rides
Horsemanship Scoercard Horsemanship scorecard for JP, CTR & IDR
Conditioning Master Score Sheet Master sheet for reporting conditioning scores to ACTRA
Ride Entry The form to be used to enter a ride

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